Fair Tax rallySPRINGFIELD - I support the Fair Tax, a proposal to amend the state constitution in order to allow for a fairer, more progressive income tax structure.

Because our constitution requires a flat tax, imposed equally on all taxpayers, regardless of income, the tax burden for low-income Illinois families is currently the third highest in the nation. Three-quarters of states and the federal government already have a graduated income tax that shifts the tax burden toward those who can most afford it and away from those who can least afford to shoulder it.

I was pleased to stand with Fair Tax proponents today to speak in favor of reforming our tax system and reducing the burden on low-income and middle-class Illinois residents.

Please listen to my comments regarding the Fair Tax below.

030414 js 0519LSPRINGFIELD – State Senator Jacqueline Y. Collins (D-Chicago 16th) issued the following statement in response to the governor’s budget address:

I applaud the governor’s commitment to a tax structure that uplifts the working poor, particularly through an increase in the state Earned Income Tax Credit, a proven anti-poverty, pro-work tool that puts money directly into pocketbooks and local economies. I am proud to be the Senate sponsor of legislation that will double the state EITC over the next five years and generate up to $2 in economic activity for every dollar the state invests in this credit.

As we approach a time of tough decisions, a time that will test our moral commitment to “the least of these,” I intend to study carefully the governor’s proposals and all responsible budget plans. I will continue to be a voice for protecting education and social services, improving opportunities and quality of life for our residents rather than laying the burden of the state’s fiscal challenges on the backs of those least able to bear it.

SPRINGFIELD - State Senator Jacqueline Y. Collins stopped by our studio last week to discuss the importance of raising the Earned Income Tax Credit, or EITC. Please take a moment to view Senator Collins statement on the EITC in the video below.

CollinsFloorShot1Urges action to protect seniors, veterans and the poor

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Jacqueline Y. Collins (D-Chicago 16th) issued the following statement after this morning’s joint Senate appropriations hearing, at which agency directors and representatives testified on the likely effects of budget reductions consistent with the scheduled expiration of the current income tax rate on January 1, 2015:

At today’s budget hearing, my colleagues and I learned that this year’s revenue shortfall will require state agencies to make devastating and unacceptable cuts. These include eliminating community supports for 18,000 individuals with developmental disabilities and mental illness, substance abuse treatment and prevention services for more than 200,000 residents, access to food pantries for 1.96 million families, treatment for 10,000 veterans suffering from PTSD, child care for 39,000 young children and almost $1 billion in funding for public schools.

At a time when sweeping reductions like these are no longer a distant threat but an immediate fiscal reality, it is unconscionable that Illinois maintains corporate tax loopholes and still gives handouts to large corporations without sufficient accountability for job creation.

We owe it to our most vulnerable residents to examine every option available to us, beginning with scaling back corporate welfare, before eliminating services our neighbors depend on for life, dignity, safety and hope. I also urge my colleagues to seriously consider increasing the minimum wage and the Earned Income Tax Credit. Both would give relief to the working poor, decrease dependence on government assistance and drive economic growth.

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