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Senator Jacqueline Collins

July 2, 2015

Dear Friends,


This week, the Senate took action to shield Illinois' most vulnerable residents from the impact of Gov. Rauner's disastrous decision to veto most of the state budget the General Assembly sent to him last month.


The emergency measure, which I co-sponsored, would prevent interruptions in services to people with developmental disabilities, wards of the state, abused and neglected children, senior citizens who need in-home assistance, veterans, individuals receiving addiction treatment and parents who rely on WIC for help purchasing infant formula and food for their young children. The one-month stopgap budget would also pay prison guards, parole officers who monitor sex offenders, state troopers, disaster preparedness personnel and the National Guard. Finally, it would allow the state to continue reimbursing doctors, hospitals and clinics for providing Medicaid services, including adult dental care, that were covered under last year's budget.


This is not a long-term solution; it is a bare-bones budget intended to head off immediate and disastrous consequences to public safety and human life while the overall negotiations continue. Unless we give agencies the legal authority to spend state resources for essential purposes, the elderly could be left waiting for admission to a nursing facility because they can no longer care for themselves at home, parents of children with developmental disabilities could be forced to miss work to care for them, families who rely on nutritional assistance could go hungry and critical public safety employees could be asked to work without pay.


Yet Republicans in the House and Senate refused to vote even for this basic, stopgap measure, and the governor has said he will not sign it if sent to his desk. While the Senate passed Senate Bill 2040, the House fell short of the votes needed to approve an identical piece of legislation, House Bill 4190. Illinois residents will have to wait until next week for relief from the consequences of a sweeping state government shutdown.


I am optimistic that enough representatives will understand the desperate urgency of the current situation to pass this one-month budget, and I am encouraging my colleagues to finish that task as soon as possible. I am also urging the governor to change course and sign the stopgap budget while negotiations continue. Please call him at (312) 814-2121 or email him here to tell him not to penalize vulnerable people, who did not create the state's fiscal difficulties or contribute to the current standoff.


I continue working for a responsible budget that balances prudent spending with the revenue needed to fund important state functions, from education to health care to public safety. I am not alone, and I believe we will get the job done, especially with your advocacy and support. But as we wait for those efforts to bear fruit, the first principle of medicine applies to government as well: first do no harm. Our first duty is to protect those whom the governor seems determined to hold hostage to his inflexible demands. As always, please feel free to contact my office here or by calling (773) 224-2830 with any questions or concerns you may have or if I can assist you in any way.


Jacqueline Collins
Senator Jacqueline Y. Collins
16th District – Illinois



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