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Dear friend,

During the last several weeks, a number of you have reached out to me with inquiries about a referendum that will appear on the ballot this fall. The proposal would amend a single provision in the state constitution that currently requires the state income tax to be assessed at the same rate on all taxpayers, regardless of income.

If the referendum is approved by voters, a sliding-scale tax rate will be implemented — one that allows higher rates to be charged on higher incomes and lower rates on lower incomes. This sliding-scale tax rate was enacted in 2019. If the referendum is voted down by the voters, the state’s flat income tax rate will stay in place.

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Below, I’ve also included a few frequently asked questions. I hope this helps clear up any confusion. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions.


Jacqueline Collins
State Senator, 16th Illinois Senate District

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Does the referendum enact a tax on retirement income?
A - No, the amendment does not give new authority.

Q - Does the referendum allow the General Assembly to increase taxes anytime they
A - The General Assembly currently has that power. The referendum does nothing to
change it.

Q - Does the referendum open up the constitution for additional changes?
A - No, the constitution requires that a referendum must be limited to a single subject. In
this case, it is the state income tax rate and nothing else.

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